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Nobody likes the thought of having to file a for bankruptcy.  It's a very complicated and uncomfortable process that is often mischaracterized and misunderstood.  Our Federal Way bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you understand the truth about your options and your legal rights.

The credit card companies and your other creditors want you to believe that filing for bankruptcy somehow means that you are a bad person and that you have failed in life.  These characterizations are ridiculous.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth, especially in today's tough and wildly unpredictable economic times.

The credit card companies and the debt collectors who do their dirty work want you to believe these things because they desperately do not want you to know the truth about filing a Federal Way bankruptcy.  The truth is that there is no shame in seeking protection under the federal and Washington State bankruptcy laws.

The bankruptcy laws were specifically designed and are here FOR YOUR PROTECTION.  They perform a very important function in our society.  And, if you are able to qualify for a Federal Way bankruptcy, it is your absolute legal right to do file for the protection it offers.  Your creditors have no choice but to accept that their debts will be fully discharged and that you will never have to pay them.

This is why the credit card companies and other bill collectors try to scare you and make you feel guilty.  They hope that you will feel too ashamed to ever become fully informed about the legal rights and protections offered in a bankruptcy.  Federal Way is like almost every other large city here in Western Washington.  It's hurting.  But there is a way to break out of this seemingly never-ending cycle of debt.

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We are Federal Way bankruptcy attorneys and South King County debt relief lawyers.  Whether you are suffering from excessive credit card debts, medical bills, lawsuits, garnishments, or judgments, we can help you get a fresh start if you can qualify.  We help hundreds of good people just like you with preparing and filing their Washington State bankruptcy petitions every year.

Our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys have decades of combined experience in working with the bankruptcy code.  We will maximize your relief under the federal and the Washington State bankruptcy laws.  If you have questions about whether or not you can qualify for debt relief, we encourage you to contact our offices or send us an inquiry through the comments box below.

Our Federal Way bankruptcy lawyers will go over your finances and explain your legal rights and options to you in plain English, that is easy to understand.  You can then make an informed decision about whether or not filing for bankruptcy is right for you and your family.

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Filing bankruptcy may be your best option to break the seemingly endless cycle of mounting debts that never seem to get paid off no matter how hard you try.  These laws are here to help honest and hardworking people get a chance to start over.

If you qualify, bankruptcy allows you to discharge your qualifying debts and while keeping your property.  Although no true in all of our cases, the majority of our clients wipe out all of their debts and keep 100% of their property and assets.  This is a huge benefit to most of our clients because they are able to discharge or dump all of their unsecured creditors and free up much needed cash every month.

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